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I don't play WoW but I do have some sites in the niche and the articles look very good thanks for the amazing deal! Tim


Hey I just wanted to come back and say thanks again because I have been using your articles and I have noticed an increase in my CTR and I really do think it is because of your WoW articles so once again thanks for the awesome articles and I am looking forward to your next batch of articles. Tim


Doug - bought this today and I am very happy with the content - Thanks much.


Great work, thank you!


This is unsolicited, but I have seen Doug's PLR articles and his work is good. He writes like he knows what he's talking about and his articles are not fluff - they're meaty, like articles are supposed to be. Peggy


Hi Doug, I really just wanted to say Thanks. Thanks for the great PLR I couldn't get anywhere else. Thanks for the unique content I can now offer my subscribers. Just Thanks for everything. I publish on Kindle & Amazon Physical, through createspace & My Own Websites & I can't believe the value you offer. I would not have found this anywhere else. There are a few books I have in the pipeline that I would like you to edit but I'll PM you about those. I can't recommend you highly enough, maybe I'm an idiot and I should keep you a secret!


I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your PLR packs, they really are top quality stuff. I bought your W.O.W pack & itís already making me money, it converted 6 sales within the last week! I am absolutely delighted with these, please keep them coming, Kind Regards, David.


I just wanted to leave a quick review for Doug's article writing service. I have gotten my articles on and off from for a few months and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an article writer. Doug has the unique ability to write about something that he has no previous knowledge. While most other writers might come up with some repetitive, uninteresting article, Doug does an excellent job doing research and writing an in-depth, cohesive article. Another high point of this service is the punctuality. Whenever I just need 1 or 2 articles, Doug is able to provide those within 24 hours. Any larger order will be done within 3 days.


PLR can help you build your online business at a much faster pace than you would be able to on your own. Instead of starting from a blank slate, you are able to use PLR as a starting point. While you still should take the time to add some extra material to it, it sure beats having to research from scratch.

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Doug Wakefield


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